Chernobog (Shadow name)

Head of The Department of Magical Law Enforcement


Chernobog.pngLittle is known of Chernobog before his appointment as Head of the DMLE, which would be strange enough in itself but it would seem that he is in fact an Archmaster of Time. He is a largely silent man, and while he is not affiliated with any particular order and is allied to the Consilium and Academia he rarely teaches.

He encountered the Five just after the Awakening but has had little to do with them since.

A rumor among students of the Academia is that Chernobog can travel freely in time and so chooses not to intervene in the affairs of others, others even claim he only acts as the Head of the DMLE in exchange for immortality bequeathed by Winter, though she has claimed she is incapable of such a feat.

Chernobog’s True Name is unknown; his Shadow Name comes from the name of a demon in the Disney Film Fantasia.


Chernobog (Shadow name)

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